Abstract Jackson Pollack Influence Art Display

A recent trend among the art sophisticated cultures in Europe is to take an entire wall or a room of the house and to do an abstract design throughout the entire space.

It can get really messy, and really wild.

The creation process is fascinating, and we’ve seen some wild stuff. From ballerina style flying with paint splatter to the most crazy thing we’ve seen, loading up paint pellets into a baseball pitching machine¬†and just allowing the paint to fall wherever it will.

It creates vivid color splatter in random formations and patterns all over the room and leaves a random visitor wondering… what happened in here?

It can be fun for conversation, and a social art conversation without a doubt.

No longer is abstract art contained within a canvas, but now it exists without boundaries – why not abstract decorate your entire house, inside and out?

What do you think of Jackson Pollack’s influence on this design trend and idea?

What do you think of abstract paint splatter overall? Appealing or not?abstract-splatter