The Fancy Doodle: Art or Business?

We live in a new age of art, one where the artists are free to draw on the walls, and often while on the clock, at the office in meetings.

That’s right, the Whiteboard paint trends continue to light offices up with brilliant space for infodoodling, brainstorming and mapping out thoughts, processes and expanding the creativity of the team.

White boards can be everywhere now. You can apply a dry erase coating from ReMARKable and turn any piece of furniture, wall, or anything into space to create.

The artist within the business person is finally being freed through the modern doodle and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Visual communication, the forever lost art, that seems to fade with childhood is finally being recognized and appreciated for the tool that it is.

Watch this video to see examples of how dry erase paint is being used in business: