There is Class in Art on a Whiteboard Wall (The Ever Changing Wall Art)

One of the trendiest ways to show off your creative expression coupled with your brilliant intelligence is a large whiteboard wall in your home. Nothing could be more fun, yet amazingly beautiful at the same time.

Imagine a party where your guests are invited to break out the colorful Expo dry erase markers and go to town having fun with their own doodles, drawings, and games on the whiteboard.

The minimalistic, sheek and trendy white is one way to go, and a popular one at that. But now you can actually make any color into a dry erase surface, simply by applying a coat of ReMARKable clear dry erase paint over top of any color wall.

The art is really in what you put into it and make of your wall. What’s nice is that it can always change. No need to take down the wallpaper to change out your look – simply wipe to erase and reimagine your space again!

Here is some white board art to inspire your creative juices for your new whiteboard wall in your house!